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Boyfriend pays girlfriend Rs 4,500 every time he stays out late at night

3 January 2018 General News

Living with a partner with a different schedule and social life can be difficult and frustrating. If one stays out really late partying or working, and the other has to wait up at home – it’s no fun at all and can become the root of many problems. Which is why one woman took matters into her own hands and revealed, she charges her boyfriend 50 pounds if he doesn’t make it home by 4 am.

Writing on Reddit, she explained that she and her partner have been in a live-in relationship for two years. She wrote: “After moving in together, I was still wrestling with alcoholism and stayed out a handful of times (about five times in a year) until 3 am. “Frequently, I’d irresponsibly allow my phone to die while I continued drinking. Every time, my boyfriend expressed that he hated this.” Now it seems to be the boyfriend that has picked up the same habit and often stays out to between 3-5am, giving her little information about his whereabouts.

According to Mirror.co.uk, she said it’s not so much the problem of him going out as it was the fact that he would get angry when she stayed out late – and she stopped doing it for his benefit. “If either one us aren’t home by 4 am, we have to give the other 50 pounds and no one can be angry,” she explained.