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Private doctors in late-night talks on Gesy

10 January 2019 Latest News

Private doctors in late-night talks on Gesy

Private doctors belonging to the Cyprus Medical Association (CyMA) were on Thursday evening meeting to discuss whether they would be joining the national health scheme, with their final decision seen as critical to the scheme’s future.

Their gathering began at 7.30pm and was expected to last beyond midnight.

The association represents some 40 societies of physicians and medical scientists, of which 15 have already stated they will not participate in the national health scheme (Gesy) as it stands.

Private doctors were taking stock of two meetings held at the presidential palace earlier this week to discuss the implementation of Gesy.

The association’s main grievances are two: they want the flexibility of being able to enter into private practice within Gesy, and are calling for an increase in the budget due to concerns over remuneration.

The government has said no to both demands.

On Thursday, finance minister Harris Georgiades again ruled out any increase to the Gesy budget.

Under the government’s timetable, the first phase of Gesy is to be rolled out on June 1. This concerns outpatient care provided by personal physicians, specialists, pharmacies and labs.

Gesy will come into full swing as of June 1, 2020 with inpatient care.

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