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Richard Dicky Dodd

Thanks for reading my profile here on the Rock FM website!
I suppose you would like to know a bit about me right? Well I’m married to my wife Julie and we have two beautiful children, Reece and Sophie. We came to Cyprus as a family for the first time back in 2006 when my sister got married at the Town Hall in Paphos and that is when we fell in love with Cyprus.
I’ve been in radio for 25 years now, starting at a station in the UK called Beacon Radio back in 1994, which was based in the Midlands. I love working in radio because it’s such a personal medium and you can connect with the audience in a much more personal way, than TV can.
I love driving and I have a Bus/Coach license, something I’ve had a keen interest in since being a child. Yes I know it’s strange!
Probably like you, I love eating food and trying new stuff to eat but I will not eat Sushi! Even if you paid me a load of money, it will not happen!
I love spending time with my family and friends and making memories with them.
I hope you will continue listen to Rise and Shine for a long time. Thanks for reading!

Richard Dicky Dodd,