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PAVLOS - tell us about yourself
I love Rock & Roll, specially fast and intense tunes! because that is the way  life should be! I'm learning how to play drums
and one day I would like to join or start a band of my own!
I also love my friends, women and beer! Punk Rock, Ska-Punk, always remember, - <<LIFE WONT WAIT>>-
Your thoughts on Rock FM????
For sure the best radio station in town! It has the best and coolest producers
in the whole of Cyprus! and for sure plays the best music, specially Rock Music you can listen to! STAY TUNED!!
PAUL - tell us about yourself
I moved to the island of love about four and a half years ago.  I became one of the first British broadcasters on Rock FM.  I started with 2 half hour shows per week, which informed the English speaking public of events and places to go in Paphos. I now present the Saturday morning breakfast show 8-10. So if you fancy some good music a chance to win great prizes and a bit of fun tune in I will be there waiting to hear from you, Yamas.  Long live 98.5 Rock FM the number one commercial radio station in Paphos.
TONY - tell us about yourself
I have been presenting F.M radio since 1986 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Agia Napa, Lebanon and now Paphos. From near Manchester - been visiting Paphos since 1988 before coming to live here 3 and a half years ago.
Your thoughts on Rock FM????
Rock Fm has seen a remarkable growth in a relatively short period, providing a great service to the community,it has been a privileged to  be with the station since the early days and to be part of the team.
Jezzebel - tell us about yourself
I'm a singing nanny who moved to Zakynthos and then Cyprus where I discovered the joys of being on the airwaves as well as the beach, I have never looked back!! I'm crazy about animals and sunshine, and am looking for a husband with his own Greek Island....
Your thoughts on Rock FM????
Rock FM is the perfect station for Brits in Paphos as it's local and tells you what's on. there is enough Greek however to remind us that we do live in Cyprus, It's a friendly station, with something for everyone.
ANTONYS - tell us about yourself
I'm from Greece (Molivos, Lesvos).  I've been on Rock FM 98.5 since 2005,  before I was in Athens playing as a DJ in the bars.  My Favourite Music? Indie, Electro Pop,Triphop, funky and of course ROCK. I love music, football and going to concerts.  So just reach out and touch the faith every Thursday & Friday from 6-8pm
Your thoughts on Rock FM????
It's a cool funny big happy family -
AGAPIOS - tell us about yourself
I was born in Saragossa 3000 years ago and I was very mad about chocolate and while the years past I tried to make some interesting ideas for my fellow citizens. So here am keeping you company through this magical thing called radio. I like all kind of music as long as it is loud
Your thoughts on rock fm???
Is like the gentle breeze on the Sunday afternoon. Sometimes!!
Valentina - Tell us about your self
I was born in Pafos 24 years ago and I was very keen in music.
As time passed by I decided to start singing in the streets of Thessalonica but soon the police took me away so not to make any noise again. Now I manage to capture Rock fm and aim very pleased to play my music here now. I hope that you like it. J
Your thoughts on Rock fm???
Rock fm is good but it needs me to get better
JASON - tell us about yourself
Born in Blighty in the summer of 69 and moved to Cyprus in 2006 having spent 21 years putting needle to vinyl. With headphones and mic in hand started out as a mobile dj, then progressed to playing in bars, clubs and radio stations throughout the UK. Have spent the last three summers playing tunes in Coral Bay and on Coral Bay Beach (life’s a beach you know!!!).
Am looking forward to my new slot on Rock Fm, cause when Stams away I can play.

On the 31 of Oct '75 the strong south african sun struck me for the first time... and that - I think - explains a lot! so I decided to leave that strong sun and come to cyprus (it doesn't really make sense I know!) where I grew up... and left. In the mean time I met Agapios, finished school and joined the army, all in that order.  Since then and until May '01 my life was a back & forward, up and down journey collecting bits and peices to create myself. then an old testament gave me reason to stay in Cyprus: it was when two big minds - Agapios and Philippos, No laughs) decided to move the big idea from their heads (we needed the space) and put it into action. the rest you can listen to everyday on 98.5 FM
GEORGE- tell us about yourself
Antisocial, tu pers ton sang froid.Repense a toutes ces annees de service.Antisocial, bientot les annees de sevices,
Enfin le temps perdu qu'on ne rattrape plus.

                                             GEORGE - Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday night between 8-10.
Eamon - Tell us about your self
I came to Paphos three years ago for a late ‘gap’ year, had a couple of years doing nothing except ‘working’ on Rock FM and playing golf. Unfortunately I ran out of money and had to get a proper job which meant an interruption to being a DJ, now I’m pleased to be back as part of the new Sunday schedule. I love all music but have a passion for the Blues, Soul and Jazz. Join me on a Sunday afternoon for a relaxing chill out.
Your thoughts on Rock fm???
Rock FM provides such a wide varity of music, there’s something for everyone, which is what good radio is all about.
Joep Klinkenbijl - Tell us about yourself
Born in 1951 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and now residing in Chlorakas – Cyprus. I like Music and Music and Music. It was my first love. Dj since the late sixties. Many years I had my own business in records, cd’s, video & dvd film. Also had a good time when I had a job as a sales representative for a record wholesaler in the Holland.  I was lucky being in this business, because it gave me the chance to see many groups live on stage in this world. Love all kinds of music. So you can look forward to my program “The Nethunter Music Show”. My Love: Yvonne and Boris the dog. My hobbies: music, making music, painting, film and -when I have enough time for it- I like to play golf.  My business here: Refill Ink and Internet with
Your thoughts on Rock FM????
Top, as one big music family. I hope this family accepts my style of making radio. And by the way, sorry for the accent. I am a Dutchy, you will recognize that. Let’s swing, enjoy my world and music by listening. Also that’s Rock FM!!  Thanks!
STEPHANIE - Tell us about yourselfI was born 23 years ago in a rockers hi-fi and my parents gave me a name which I didn't like so I've changed it to Misti! They were threatening me of stop being so obsessed with electronic music so I went to Athens and studied Sound Engineering. :-)  Since I was 15 I've been DJing all over Cyprus, everywhere you can imagine, with whomever you can think of...
now I am proud of presenting my radio show "DOT DOT DOT" every Saturday
from 10PM-12AM @ Rock Fm because Rock Fm - Rocks !! Yeeehaa!           More about me :

CHRIS HOPKINS - Tell us about yourselfI’ve lived in Cyprus for nearly 4 years, having spent the previous 25 working in commercial radio in England. I do some television and write articles for newspapers and magazines. Golf mad but radio and music are the main drugs. Any music as long as it’s good. Sadly UK radio is now run by ‘suits’ who have sod all idea about radio, music and entertaining people but can bore you to death with figures and accounts. So, I’m having fun in Cyprus and they are not, which seems like a good deal to me. I don’t like people who are boring and moan but I do like extroverts, crazy and talented people, therefore Joep is a very good friend of mine!
Your thoughts on Rock FM????
Radio is about music, entertaining people and enjoying the ride. So we play good music entertain and enjoy our ride! But if music is the food of love why can’t rabbits sing?
MASTER BLASTER “aka” Bobby is a music producer & song writer who has played with the likes of Stevie Wonder & has been involved in various music productions such as recording & staging of shows for the past 18 years. He has been a part of Acid-Jazz, Blues, Funk, Reggae, Rock & Pop bands. In the last 10 years he has also worked as a club DJ in venues such as “The Choco-late Box” Johannesburg, “Pink Mao Mao” Hong Kong, “Chameleon Bar” Dubai, “Die Port van Amsterdam” Johannesburg, etc.
Also lately he has collaborated as a writer & a co-producer with the prominent South African DJ Roger D’Lux & together they have a number of trax licensed for various labels & compilations such as “Natural Groove” & “More Music”
  MATTHEW  EDMONDSON I have worked in entertainment business for the past ten years in some of the most
random parts of the world.??? I first moved to Cyprus in 2001 and have always
enjoyed listening to Rock FM and finding out whats going on around and about.? Now
i'm presenting the Saturday Matinee alongside the equally eccentric Jezebel?I'll
enjoy it even more!    

Lezline Lejinxca - If you were to Google Lezline Lejinxca there is only One. She started out her career as a model, later entering the music scene managing bands and artist and as an A &amp; R manager for various record companies. Featured in London’s Blues &amp; Soul magazine, where the history was told of the great successes behind the Famous
compilation CD series Mastercuts which She and the infamous Ian Dewhirst headed up.
She’s due the star in a reality show on ITV (London) called ‘Dating the Enemy’, and Twenty years on she is fortunate to be managing Rock band The VOXX . The Voxx,
Singer and guitarist Mikey Buckley, bassist Dan McLean and drummer Claude Trejonis who have spent the last couple of years putting it about, on a near constant tour of the hippest clubs and filthiest pubs their fair city has to offer. They have seen adventures aplenty along the way too. Like when they supported Babyshambles at a secret London gig. Or their shows alongside contemporaries like The Rifles, The
Subways, The View and The Mystery Jets; not to mention elder statesmen like the Yardbirds and Steve Diggle of the Buzzcocks. They even have fans in Californian rockers Louis XIV. Lezline being no stranger to the glitz of the music scene having moved in famous circles, but that’s another story, decided to up sticks and move to Cyprus in October 2008 now presenting the  morning show on Rock FM 98.5 10am 12pm Monday to Friday. An energetic 2 hour show Monday through to Friday providing MUSIC, fun, fashion, competitions and showbiz gossip to the discerning listener. Lezline
delivers top tunes, fashion tips, what’s hot what’s NOT, fun that can only be described to the listener as be afraid, you could end up getting a phone call and being the butt of her wind-ups. She will provide you details of local activities and
what’s going on in the showbiz scene. Lezline Captures your heart with her infectious laugh, hypo energetic nature and will prove to be extremely popular with
Rock FM’s listeners...

Ben ( Dj Cheek )
House, house and more house.... A sixties love child born into joy, love, peace and
happiness. I discovered music at the age of just 4yrs old (rock and roll baby is
still in my mind) In the early eighties I found my own music direction and got in to
hip hop and electronic funk that progressed in to house and dance electro. I held my
own "Bare Cheek" parties and started dj-ing (hence the name).  I love the effect
that music has on people, I've played at hidden clubs, warehouses, beaches, fields
and now "Live and Direct" on Rock FM Cyprus, Saturdays 6 till 8 "Catch me if you

Rock FM succumbs to many music genres something for everyone and that's good "Lets
hit them and hit them hard with the rhythm stick"

I have been a professional singer for 15 years now in over 55 Countries,
cruising, touring, and recording. After falling in love with Cyprus
many years
ago my lovely wife an i moved here perminently 3 years ago and have
loved every
I run and performing the island famous KB Entertainment show team
performing in
hotels, clubs, bars and festivals all over Cyprus.

I have been a Rock FM listener since moving to Paphos and i am very
proud to now
bw part of the team.

Kaos Dj Aka Steve Demos The k Factor

“It has been said that something as small as a flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon around the world”
Kaos Theory

Kaos (def) – pandemonium, anarchy, commotion, madness, mayhem. The name says it all. Dj Kaos started in the hard house arena of dance music in the nineties and has steadily made a mark as an all rounder capable of playing both trance and house music which has become a speciality.

As a Dj, no one can question Steve’s versatility and his special attention to the finer details. His seamless, smooth transitional style backed by his creative mixing and passion makes this Dj a pleasure to listen to.
He best describes himself, with a smile, as “low maintenance” and OBSESSED with music. As Kaos Dj gains in popularity, his reputation for consistency and artistry also continues to make its mark throughout the party scene.

Kaos Dj currently holds residencies at E.S.P. Super Club South Africa. He has also rocked dance floors all over South Africa including Truth, Evolution, Tempo’s, Special Therapy, Celsius and had the privilege of playing at the one of biggest event of its kind in Europe, the FFWD Dance parade in Rotterdam as part of the E.S.P Team in 2005 as well as the Zurich Dance Parade 2006, (the largest dance parade of its kind). Steve has played alongside big names such as Sebastian Ingrosso, Fedde Le Grande and Armin Van Buuren and was responsible for mixing the latest E.S.P 2008 cd compilation with Dj Dave Skinz.